The motive behind Yaxye’s Tour “Si Xora U Feker”


Yaxye Yeebaash is a Hargeisa-born poet who learned all he knows from the streets of that city and its inhabitants. He started a literary evening four months ago called ‘Think Freely”. Yaxye made sure to host a show that’s different from normal events/shows. In addition to the literature he was presenting, he differed on several points and several other motives.

The program was advertised under the title of the theme and not in the name of the artist. Overall the publicized and recorded format was a resourceful and highly creative format. And above all, the staging was also another rare sight for the fans.

As a result, a lot of young people attended the show, in the city of Hargeisa at Mansoor Hotel, which was the venue for the launch of the exhibitions, and the hall was filled with a large audience.

The literature he was presenting was a set of poems that represented how inner peace governs everything outside of one’s life. He named one of those poems “Dhammaysnimo waa is baro” which roughly means “To become perfect you need to master yourself”. Another title was “Naf la hadal” which again roughly translates to “Deep conversations with yourself”. This was a subject that is relatively new to Somali poetry.


The program was not limited to Hargeisa only, but it was more like a tour and was held in all major Somali cities. That includes Borama, Bura’o, Las’anod, Jigjiga, and Garowe. More than 10,000 fans attended his this tour in total.