Yaxye Yeebaash; The new Somali Lessons Head of Learning


Yaxye Yeebaash is a popular free-spirited poet, medical doctor, a thinker who spends much time in nomadic area reflecting on sustainable living,  life, and producing his much loved powerful short stories and poems. In addition to his popular poems, Yaxye is a scriptwriter and a producer who has collaborated with many of today’s filmmakers and creatives. His most recent production being a popular Television series “Sirta Nolosha”. Yaxye has travelled all over the Horn of Africa performing poetry and spoken words that aim to inspire and encourage young Somalis to be independent, self-reliant but most importantly proud of who they are and their countries. His poems often focus on vital social issues such as identity, love, standards of beauty, education, culture and creativity.

Yaxye is very passionate about the Somali language and has been teaching Somali for an online university in the last three years. It is his love of the Somali Language, literature and culture that bonds him to Somali Lessons. Yaxye produces the curriculum and oversees the training of tutors and ensures a consistent good quality of teaching is maintained. True to his creative side, Yaxye has also produced many learning aids including short videos and short stories to support the Somali Lessons Curriculum.