The new generation’s Hadrawi: Yaxye Yeebaash


In my eyes, Yahye is one of the most important and influential individuals of this era. My family and I enjoy and appreciate his art. My wife enjoys one of his poems and my wife is someone who grew up in the west but yet was able to relate to his poetry. Yahya is a creative genius who is able to use his talent to benefit the community at large. Also, Yahya was able to thrive and reach millions of people without major breaks or opportunities.


It was in 2015 when I first heard some of his poetry and it automatically suggested to me that the words he uses in his poetry are mild and comprehensible to all of his audience. Yahya’s poetry verses challenge the mind of any individual who listens to it, and he delivers it in a tone that is relatable and relevant to all. This is where I started to cherish and value his work.


In 2017 Mary Harper, Africa Editor for BBC World Service News wrote an article titled “Hadrawi: The Somalis Shakespeare” I can say, Yahya: The new generation’s Hadrawi. It is not an easy task to write Something or describe the work of another artist, but Yahya as an artist labeled as the voice of the younger generation in Africa. His work is observed by the worldwide Somalis and sets high standards for all upcoming artists.